On 15/08/2010 I gained my Climbing Wall Award (and abseil module). This meant I could take clients and teach them to climb on an indoor wall. It also meant I could pick up freelance shifts in indoor walls. One of my favourite places to have worked was The Glasgow Climbing Centre

Around this time I started running my weekend climbing classes for young people as well as doing ‘learn to climb’ sessions for adults. I have been doing this for many years and love it. Sadly, Covid has put a stop to that for now.

Once I gained my CWA people started asking me what was next? Are you going for your Single Pitch Award (where I could take clients to certain areas around the UK to climb outdoors)? My thought was, no way, I would never be able to do that. On 21/05/2014 I gained my SPA! So now I could take people outdoor climbing.

Then people start asking, well Sean, what is next? Next!!! What do you mean next? Well Sean, are you going for your Mountain Leader qualification? Mountain Leader!?!?!?! Not a chance! There’s no way I would be able to do that. That is way beyond my level of expertise. Well…… on 28/09/2020 I gained the Summer Mountain Leader qualification meaning I could now lead people on walks and expeditions around the UK.

So, now I am being asked, What is next Sean? Aaaaaaaaaagh why does there have to be a what is next?!?!?! Are you going to go for the Mountain Climbing Instructor qualification? The MCI? Me? Really? Are you kidding? Have you met me?

Well, my goals have had to change due to Covid. By end of June this year I should have achieved my Paddlesports Leader and Paddlesports Instructor qualifications. These should help me pick up some freelance work with other organisations. I also want to get my minibus and trailer license. I had hoped to do that this year but, thanks to Covid meaning I have no money coming into the business just now, this is needing to be put off until next year.

As well as the PSI quals and the minibus license I am also learning sign language and, to further develop my newfound love or Orogeny, I have just become an Ordinary Fellow of The Edinburgh Geological Society

So……… come on then Sean, what is next? OMG will you stop asking that question! Every time I get asked that question I end up registering for a new qualification…..so?

For now……… I want to work with quality providers and have fun getting to use my ML and RCI quals. I want to establish myself as a provider of quality experiences whether I am freelancing for other organisations or for myself.

For now………this book is for me! It’s about me getting out with other likeminded, fun, adventurous and slightly crazy friends and enjoying ourselves!

For now……..it’s about some time for me!

So Sean, what about the MCI qualification………well………as I sit here and read through the above and realise what I have achieved, I have to say………….. never say never 🙂

As I have been and continue on this journey I want to say a particular thank you to the teams at Harvey Maps and Keela Outdoors. With them providing quality maps and clothing I am well looked after on my adventures!