This Month’s Munro of the month is Ben Lawers

Height: 1214m (3983ft)

Location: Ben Lawers region, north of Loch Tay

Name meaning: Hill of the loud stream

Rock types: Grey Schistose rock

Map used: Harvey Maps Ultramap XT40 (1:40000). Also available is their 1:25,000 giving you more detail if you prefer

Ben Lawers is always close to my heart. Mainly because I have led so many people to it’s summit as part of their first ever munro journey. That is truly something special to be part of.

It can be done by first summitting Beinn Ghlas. Can be done as part of a ridge of hills also taking in the likes of An Stuc, or it can be done as a magnificent hill on it’s own. How many hills give you this much choice.

The reason I have led so many people up here for their first day is partly due to the fact that car park is at about 430m elevation, giving you a bit of a head start up the hill, and also due to the panoramic views you are rewarded with once you reach it’s summit. Providing of course that the sun gods decide to bless you that day 🙂

These easiest way is to park at the Ben Lawers car park. Starting off here you first start by walking through a walled area letting you know about Ben Lawers Nature Reserve status. Then you enter a high fenced area (to stop grazing animals) where you also have the opportunity to divert slightly to take in the nature trail before heading further up the hill. Then you are left with a choice; summit Beinn Ghlas first or contour the path around BG to begin the ascent to Ben Lawers.

There is a clearly defined path all the way on a clear summer’s day but please be aware, when doing any hill in Scotland, the weather can be completely different once on the hill. I have done Ben Lawers in both summer and winter conditions and it changes completely in winter. More kit and experience is required in these conditions.

Once at the summit of Ben Lawers you then have many choices of descent. The easiest of these is to retrace your steps back down the south-west path and then follow the path around Beinn Ghlas to head back to the nature trail again.

A quality day out 🙂