This month’s munro of the month is Beinn Narnain

Height: 926m (3038 ft)

Location: Arrochar Alps

Name meaning: Hill of Narnia (I made hat up)

Map used: I used Harvey Superwalker – Arrochar Alps. To view or but this map click here 

Beinn Narnain is a great Munro but is often overlooked because it stands next to Ben Arthur (The Cobbler), a nearby Corbett known for it’s unique way of ‘completing’ the top.

I ascended Beinn Narnain from the south east. It was a very wet and windy day but that didn’t hamper the fun (too much).

Beinn Narnain brings some interesting, scrambly, approaches. Whilst having some scrambly parts you dont feel exposed so it doesn’t play games with your head like other scrambles.

Once reaching the top of the initial ascent you are then left with a rather nice, undulating top until finally reaching the true summit at 926m elevation.

We didn’t hang around that day and headed straight down the north west side before doing the Cobbler and then back down to the valley to see the Narnain Boulders.

From there an easy walk off back to the car.