I have made the decision to gain my Mountaineering & Climbing Instructor qualification within the next 5 years (although my preference is 4 years). As I work full time this is the most realistic timescale.

As this is the case I am now getting to learn a whole world of new problem solving solutions.

Today I was practicing unassisted hauling. This could be used when hauling up an unconscious climber or maybe your packed lunch 🙂

If I was ever in the situation of having an unconscious climber I may need to think first about escaping the system and giving first aid before hauling because hauling is by no means a quick option and is very tiring for the person hauling. Then, when I am ready to set my hauling system, I should have a think about whether lowering is a better option. This way gravity is doing the harder work.

For today I was pretending that lowering wasn’t an option.

For years my attic has been used as a way to store crap that has been accumulated over the years. During lockdown we have had a major clear up and declutter and what I have realised is that I have a great space now for practicing rope work. I think Sarah, my long suffering wife, is also glad I have found this space as she now gets peace and quiet 🙂

Sarah has been so supportive during my years of first my Climbing Wall Award (now called Climbing Wall Instructor), then my Single Pitch Award (now called Rock Climbing Instructor) and then, most recently, my Summer Mountain Leader qualification (no change here, this is still called Summer Mountain Leader). I will need to tread carefully about asking her to hang off ropes for the next 5 years!

Anyway, back to the subject……

My unconscious climber today was in fact a 10kg power bag. Once I managed to ascend the stairs (I reckon HVS) I secured myself to some great anchors (roof beams) then was ready to bring up my climber. Once they passed out I very quickly tied off my belay plate so I could be hands free and take a quick moment to plan my next move.

Lowering wasn’t an option so I quickly set up my clutch prusik. Then I set up my klemheist hauling prusik. Once all set up I then was able to haul my unconscious climber to safety.

Once safe I then tidied everything away and had a beer to celebrate my success (well you do need to enjoy these moments)