Learn to navigate

Navigation Training is an essential skill to keep yourself safe on the hills and trails in Scotland.

More and more people are doing navigation training before heading to make use of the trails, hills and mountains of the UK. Quality navigation training will help you to enjoy the hills even more. By learning essential map reading skills you can also help reduce the rate of call outs to the mountain rescue and other emergency services. Whilst some of these callouts cannot be helped, many are because of poor navigation skills

Whether individual or part of a group you are responsible for ensuring that you have the skills required. We run our courses in either The Pentland Hills, The Ochils or The Lomond Hills

We offer 3 different courses depending on where your current knowledge is at. Our courses are:

Basic Navigation – Cost: £45 per person (6hrs) Beecraigs Country park

This is suitable for people with little or no navigation skills and includes:

  • Set up and read a map
  • Planning your route
  • Pacing
  • Timing
  • Using a compass
  • Rough bearings/half bearings
  • Walking your route
  • Group management
  • Reading a weather forecast
  • Access rights

Navigation for the hills: £55 per person (6hrs) Pentland HillsOchil Hills

This is suitable for people with some knowledge of navigation but want to know how navigation can help keep you safe on the hills. The course includes:

  • Covering off all areas covered in basic navigation
  • Reading contours
  • Escape routes
  • Dynamic risk assessment

Poor visibility navigation: £30 per person (3hrs)

This course is suitable for people with reasonable navigation skills. This course will equip you with the skills to be able to navigate in bad weather, cloud and low light or night. Due to the requirement for poor visibility to train in, this course is usually run in evenings. Course times change depending on the time of year

Bespoke courses: priced individually

Would you prefer a one to one approach? Maybe you want to really hone your skills? Have you been deferred on an assessment and want to spend some time focussing on your own skills?

Whatever your reasons we would be happy to provide you with a 1:1 session that will focus on you and your individual skills

For hill walking and mountaineering skills, please click here.

It really is essential for these skills to be in every person itinerary. For more information on courses in your area please Contact us.