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Hill walking, hiking and guided walks in Scotland

Hill Walking

Scotland is a beautiful place to visit regardless of your mode of transport. For those looking for an adventure on foot then look no further.

Based in Linlithgow just 9 miles west of Edinburgh, we are perfectly placed to provide you with a memorable walking experience throughout Scotland.

  • What is a Munro? A Corbett? A Donald? A Graham?
  • How long would it take to walk the West Highland Way?
  • Where can I wild camp?
  • How do I read a map?

These are all questions that we can answer. Whether you want us to lead you on your walk or teach you the navigation skills you will need to take on the task yourself, CPS Activities Ltd has you covered.

For more information please visit our Hiking page or Contact us

Rock climbing in and around Scotland

Climbing outdoors can be such an amazing experience. With views you cant get at an indoor wall and the sense of achievement when you get to the top and realise your achievement, it really is something that should be experienced by all.

We offer a variety of outdoor climbing experiences throughout Scotland:

  • Single Pitch, 1-2 people (4hrs)
  • Multi Pitch 1-2 people (4-6hrs)
  • Rock it! Groups of 3 or more people (4hrs)

For more information click Indoor Climbing or Rock Climbing. To book your climbing experience please Contact Us

Navigation training for hill walking in Scotland

Learn to navigate

With so many gadgets available to us now there are more and more people getting outdoors. When the batteries run out or the gadget doesn’t work because it’s too cold, how will you navigate?

  • Introduction to Navigation
  • Navigation for hill walking
  • Mountain navigation
  • Night navigation
  • Poor weather navigation

Whatever your needs we can provide training to suit you. We offer group and bespoke courses throughout Scotland.

Want to know more or book a course? Please visit our navigation training page or Contact us

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