Navigation Skills

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More and more people are heading to make use of the trails, hills and mountains of the UK. With this rise in numbers there is an ever increasing rate of call outs to the mountain rescue and other emergency services. Whilst some of these cannot be helped, many are because of poor navigation skills

Whether individual or part of a group you are responsible for ensuring that you have the skills required.

For hill walking and mountaineering skills, please click here.

Our navigational skills course will benefit you whether you are a walker, runner, climber, cyclist, biker or driver. By the end of the day you will have the knowledge to:

  • Set up and read a map
  • Find out your location
  • Plan your route
  • Create waypoints/markers
  • Navigate to another point

It really is essential for these skills to be in every person itinerary. For more information on courses in your area please Contact Us